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Clinic duty #003!

HI. THIS COMMUNITY HASN'T BEEN FORGOTTEN. Your mod has just been very MIA. But that's changing now!

New prompts!

March 3 - 17
1. Ten "What ifs".

2. He/She was always such a...

3. "And it's me who is my enemy" - Me, Paula Cole

4. Three times you cried, two times you didn't, and one time you wanted to.

5. Write about your character the day after Amber died (post-Wilson's Heart). (If you RP this, please drop a link to the completed thread to this post)

Apart from links to RP, post all prompt responses to the community. Feel free to crosspost to your own muse journal. Don't forget to tag your entries. Have fun!

And if you have any prompt suggestions, go here.
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